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T3111S NFC Conformance Test System

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Supports Analog RF and Digital Protocol parts of NFC, EMVTM and ISO test specifications
  • Platform supports R&D, pre-conformance and conformance testing
  • Recognized by NFC Forum certification program
  • EMV Level 1 PICC/Mobile and PCD pre-conformance test with qualification underway
  • Software-upgradeable, integrated, automated, extensible test platform
  • Available with automatic position robot for accurate antenna location
  • Easy-to-use test manager for execution and results analysis


The T3111S RIDER RFID HF/NFC Conformance Test System is the Keysight platform for RF Analog and Digital Protocol testing of NFC, EMV and ISO devices. The Test System is based on the Keysight T1141A RFID HF/NFC Test Set and it is complemented by the Keysight T1142A Automatic positioning Robot for accurate and repeatability RF testing. Selected 3rd party positioning robots can also be supported.

Keysight T3111S Automated test suites support;

  • EMV Level 1 PICC and Mobile Digital Protocol
  • EMV Level 1 PCD Digital Protocol
  • EMV Level 1 PICC and Mobile Analog RF*
  • EMV Level 1 PCD Analog RF*
  • NFC Forum Digital Protocol
  • NFC Forum Analog RF
  • NFC Forum LLCP and SNEP
  • ISO/IEC standards including 14443, 18092,15693 and 18000-3 Mode 1

* EMV Analog RF configurations provided in collaboration with FIME, EMV PCD Analog are scheduled later in 2014.

Powerful test management features include sample-management, PICS/PIXIT information, test case mapping table generation, result and verdict analysis, test reports generation. The system’s intuitive Windows®-based user interface is compatible Word®, Excel® and other Microsoft® applications.

The T3111S RIDER RFID HF/NFC Conformance Test System is an officially validated test platform for the NFC Forum Certification program and currently undergoing qualification of EMV Level 1 test suites.

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