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Key Features & Specifications

New and updated features in IC-CAP 2012.01 

  • SQL Database Link - This link enables saving and accessing data into an SQL database, works with WaferPro, DataPro and within the native IC-CAP environment.
  • W8503 IC-CAP Data Processing and Selection Tool (DataPro) - DataPro applies statistical analysis to measured data, identifies outlier devices, and selects golden and corner dies - Fully integrates into the modeling flow by importing data from WaferPro and SQL Database.
  • W8531 NeuroFET Extraction Package - The Keysight NeuroFET model uses an artificial neural network to describe measured currents and charges and offers several advantages over traditional measurement-based models.
  • Instrument Drivers - Added support for the new Keysight B2900A Series Precision Source/ Measurement Unit (SMU). In addition, the B1500A driver now supports time domain measurements.


IC-CAP Device Modeling SoftwareIC-CAP 2012.01 enables its automated measurement solution, IC-CAP WaferPro to efficiently store high volume data into SQL databases. To complete the modeling flow, from measurement to modeling, a new tool called Data Processing and Selection (DataPro) analyzes and identifies measured data for modeling. IC-CAP 2012.01 also provides access to NeuroFET, a newly available complete measurement-based FET modeling flow, from automatically controlled data acquisition, artificial neural network (ANN) training, and non-quasi-static FET model simulation for nonlinear circuit design. New measurement capabilities and programming features provide additional benefits in IC-CAP 2012.01.

IC-CAP SQL Database Link

IC-CAP can now create or connect to an SQL Database. One of the main advantages of using a database, versus storing data to the file system, is that searching for data is considerably easier and faster as there is no need to open each file. Other key advantages are memory management (no need to load many megabytes of data into IC-CAP to make a selection), easier maintenance, better security (central location, password protected, etc.) and less prone to errors.

During automated measurements, WaferPro stores the data in the database (file storage option remains available). Data are saved with a predefined database schema designed to accommodate an extensive range of information typical of on-wafer measurements, such wafer, die, device information, etc. The schema is optimized for query speed and is flexible so that the user can customize the data based on the information saved during the measurement routine. Device information, routine and measurement conditions, and sweep and spot measured data are saved into the database along with a measurement “run” time stamp. Later on, data can be imported into other tools such as the new DataPro. A PEL based API is available to access the  database, formulate SQL queries and import data back into the IC-CAP environment. IC-CAP 2012.01 supports MySQL and SQLite databases.

W8503 IC-CAP DataPro

IC-CAP DataPro performs statistical data on selected targets and identifies the golden and typical dies to be used for device extraction. The tool helps users to identify and eliminate outlier devices whose behavior is too distant from the statistical mean.

DataPro connects to existing database or files repositories. A convenient user interface enable users to select target data for statistical analysis. Selected targets can be either sweep curves, such as Id versus Vd, or spot data, such as Vth or Idmax. The program runs statistical analysis on the target data and calculates mean values and variances. Statistical graphics such as histograms are available to enable users to inspect data and its distribution, and identify and eliminate outliers. The software can then pinpoint the golden die to be used for typical device model extraction and the corner dies to be used for corner modeling. For more information on DataPro, refer to the W8503EP IC-CAP Data Processing and Analysis (DataPro) page.

WaferPro and DataPro FlowFigure 1. WaferPro and DataPro Flow

W8531 NeuroFET Extraction Package

The NeuroFET Extraction Package license offers extraction for the Keysight NeuroFET model for FET and HEMT devices, a new model developed by the Keysight Technology Center. The extraction package enables users to make all of the necessary DC and S-parameter measurements to extract the model. A dedicated acquisition procedure avoids introducing device degradation during measurements, until the high power region is measured. The ANN training is automatically accomplished through a dedicated procedure that optimizes CPU usage by multithreading the error optimization processes. The model is available in Keysight’s Advanced Design System (ADS). For more information, refer to the W8531EP IC-CAP NeuroFET Extraction Package page.

NeuroFET Measurement and Extraction Flow

Figure 2. NeuroFET Measurement and Extraction Flow

New Measurement Capabilities

IC-CAP 2012.01 now supports the new Keysight B2900A Series Precision Source/Measure Unit (SMU). The B2900A Series offers a cost effective measurement solution. The B2900A driver supports pulsed and sampling (time domain) modes of the instruments. The B1500A and the B1505A driver have been enhanced to support time domain measurements. IC-CAP 2012.01 provides options for higher resolution data reading from the B1500A, B1505A, and E5270B DC Analyzers by enabling the user to select the number of bytes used to transfer measured data between the instruments and IC-CAP.

Keysight B2912A Precision Source/Measure Unit

Figure 3. The New Keysight B2900A Series Precision SMU

Note on Solaris Discontinuance

Starting with the next release of IC-CAP, Keysight EEsof EDA will no longer release IC-CAP on the Solaris (SUN OS) Platform.

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You can find more detailed descriptions and examples on the new features of this release in the "What's New in IC-CAP 2012.01?" presentation.

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