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Key Features & Specifications

Signal creation

  • Configure system bandwidth, modulation type, fading parameters, noise parameters and FRCs
  • Real-time UL MIMO to support full coverage of 3GPP Rel-10 eNB conformance test
  • Predefined FRCs to support all eNB receiver test signal configurations
  • ACK/NACK counter, TA counter, and AUX IO monitor for closed-loop measurement troubleshooting

Use cases 

  • Typical measurements: Receiver characteristic tests under closed-loop control based on HARQ or timing adjustment (TA) feedback from eNB


  • Fixed, perpetual license (Option WFP)
  • Also available as a transportable license (Option WTP)


Option WFP simplifies LTE eNB closed-loop receiver testing with its capability to perform real-time processing of feedback information received from eNB under test. The TS 36.141 LTE specification defines the performance requirements for eNB receivers. In particular the closed-loop HARQ and timing adjustment (TA) tests require the test instrument to be able to accept feedback signals (ACK/NACK or TA commands) from the eNB under test. With the N7624B-WFP real-time option, the X-Series vector signal generator with its real-time capability and the N5106A PXB baseband generator and channel emulator can accept external feedback signal sent by the eNB over hardware line(s) and dynamically configure uplink signal with relative changes in the RV indices or uplink timing in response to the received eNB feedback. When used with N5106A PXB, this real-time option extends the signal configuration flexibility to 1x2, 1x4, 2x2, 2x4 and 4x2 MIMO.

This option can be added as a product upgrade.

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