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Key Features & Specifications


  • Wide dynamic range: > 123 dB dynamic range at test port (typical)
  • Fast measurement speed: 41 ms at full 2-port cal, 1601 points
  • Low trace noise: 0.004 dB rms at 70 kHz IFBW


  • Built-in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
  • Powerful analysis and error correction
  • Upgrade all available ENA options at any time


The Keysight E5071CEP ENA Series Network Analyzer—express configuration is the most popular value configuration delivered to you through Keysight’s distribution partners.

Express configurations are fully upgradable, so as your needs change, you can optimize your test equipment with additional options.

Option Configuration

Note: The ENA series network analyzer E5071CEP —express configuration is available from distribution partners in China, Korea, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Note: The E5071C ENA Network Analyzer provides a variety of option configurations that allows for maximum flexibility in ordering the analyzer that best meets your needs.