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Key Features & Specifications

  • Software: Test Exec SL 7.0 & TS-5000 System Software with over 400 built-in automotive test libraries
  • Signal switching: Up to 256 x 4 matrix
  • Load switching: Up to 32-channel x 30A and 64-channel x 7.5 A and 192-channel x 2 A
  • Power sources: Up to 3500 W modular power supply
  • Measurement: 6.5 Digit DMM, 2-ch 350 MHz Counter, 2/4-ch 20 MSa/s Digitizer, 32-channel high voltage data acquisition module
  • Stimulus: 2-ch 20-Bit ARB, 8/16-ch 16-Bit digital/analog converter (DAC), isolated 100V, 200 mA voltage/current (V/I) source


The TS-8900 is a PXI-based, off-the-shelf functional test platform for medium to high pin count automotive electronic control unit (ECU) manufacturing that provides customers with a higher throughput and improved coverage solution compared to current generation test systems while maintaining global deployment. 

This solution provides customers with a global standard platform and support that has a 20% higher throughput test and coverage compared to the existing Keysight TS-5000 series functional test systems. This is accomplished via a combination of 32-channel high voltage acquisition modules, large Voltage-current range V/I source and a high voltage 8/16 channel DAC enabling parallel test methodologies and built-in 400 automotive applications-tuned libraries for faster deployment. 

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