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E5061B-3L5 LF-RF Network Analyzer with DC Bias Source, 5 Hz to 3 GHz

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Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

E5061B Network Analyzer

  • E5061B-820 Add mouse
  • E5061B-810 Add keyboard
  • E5061B-3L5 LF-RF network analyzer with DC bias source, 5 Hz to 3 GHz
  • E5061B-1E5 High stability timebase
  • E5061B-020 Standard Data Storage
  • R-51B-001-Z 3 Jahre Gewährleistung - Reparatur im Servicezentrum

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Key Features & Specifications

S-parameter test port

  • 5 Hz to 3 GHz

Gain-phase test port

  • 5 Hz to 30 MHz
  • 1 MΩ inputs and 50 Ω inputs
  • Accurate milliohm and high-attenuation measurements

Built-in DC bias source

  • Up to +-40 Vdc (maximum current 100 mAdc)
  • AC+DC output and DC output

Impedance analysis function (option 005)

  • Plots impedance parameters
  • Calibration / compensation capabilities for test fixtures
  • Equivalent circuit analysis


Comprehensive LF-to-RF network analysis

The E5061B-3L5 LF-RF NA option offers versatile network analysis in the broad frequency range from 5 Hz to 3 GHz. Comprehensive LF network measurement capabilities including built-in 1 MΩ inputs have been seamlessly integrated with the high-performance RF network analyzer. The E5061B-3L5 is the right solution for component and circuit evaluations in the R&D environment.

E5061B-3L5 LF-RF network analyzer option + 005 Impedance analysis option - NA plus ZA in one box

The E5061B-005 provides the impedance analysis (ZA) firmware for the E5061B-3L5 LF-RF network analyzer. This option enables the analyzer to measure impedance parameters of electronic components such as capacitors, inductors, and resonators. The combination of NA and ZA capabilities further enhances the analyzer’s versatility as a general R&D tool. Basic ZA functionalities including fixture compensation and equivalent circuit analysis are supported by the firmware. The DC biased impedance measurement is possible with the built-in DC bias source provided by the E5061B-3L5.

The E5061B does not support the control function for the discontinued 87075C/87050E multiport test set via parallel port.

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