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Base Price Rs 367,824

Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

89601B Vector Signal Analysis Software, Transportable License

  • 89601B-200 Basic vector signal analysis and hardware connectivity, transportable license
  • 89601B-B7W 1x-EVDO modulation analysis, transportable license
  • 89601B-012 12 months bundled software update subscription service
  • EDEL-ONLY-01 License certificate delivery - email only

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Key Features & Specifications

Signal analysis

  • Standard supported: 3GPP2 1xEV-DO Revision 0
  • Modes: forward, reverse
  • Modulation formats: QPSK, 8PSK, 16QAM
  • Preset to standard: forward, reverse


  • Analyze overall signal quality with results like composite EVM, CDP, CDE, and error summary
  • Pinpoint signal impairments with individual channel results like EVM, CDP, CDE, constellation diagram
  • Evaluate time and frequency domain behavior with time, spectrum, CCDF, PDF traces
  • Auto-detect active channels and preamble length

Other features

  • cdma2000®/1xEV-DV modulation analysis Option B7T also available
  • Transportable license: resides on your PC/instrument, can be transported to another PC/instrument at any time
  • Also available as a Floating license: shared on a network server to be accessed by multiple users


The 86900 VSA software is a comprehensive set of tools for demodulation and vector signal analysis. Option B7W enables evaluation and troubleshooting of 1xEV-DO signals.

This option can be added as a product upgrade.

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