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89601BNU - 89600 VSA Software Update and Subscription Service, Floating License

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Typically Configured Price US$ 4,680

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89601BNU Update and Subscription Service, Floating License

  • 89601BNU-012 12 months standalone software update and subscription service, for floating license

Typically Configured Price US$ 4,680

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Keeps your 89600 VSA software floating license current with the latest enhancements
  • Update to current version and automatic notification and shipment of new software versions
  • Length of subscription: 12 months, renewable
  • 12 months included with new 89600 VSA software purchase
  • Also available for Transportable license; see 89601BU
  • For a full description, watch the videos


Keep your 89600 VSA software up-to-date

With rapidly evolving standards and continuous advancements in signal analysis, the 89601BNU update and subscription service offers the advantage of having immediate access to the latest enhancements available for the 89600 VSA software.

Purchase 12 months of software subscription service and we’ll notify you when a new software version is available. You can download the software or wait for the DVD to arrive in the mail. Subscription renewal is easy and we’ll notify you 3 months before your subscription expires.

The subscription service will update you to the latest version and you will receive updates, as available, until your subscription expires.

New 89600 VSA purchases
Each new 89600 VSA software license includes 12 months of subscription service, at no additional charge. Renew the subscription for your floating license by ordering 89601BNU.

Note: 89601BNU updates the 89601BN licenses only. To update 89601B licenses, please refer to 89601BU. To upgrade 89601A/AN licenses, please purchase a new license of 89601B/BN.