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U1092A-S01/S02/S03 AcqirisMAQS Multichannel Acquisition Software

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Key Features & Specifications

Turnkey PC oscilloscope software designed for multichannel data acquisition systems providing:

  • Management of the system configuration
  • Remote operation over LAN with support for multi system network

In operation with Keysight Acqiris digitizers provides:

  • Data acquisition safety: confidence that if a trigger arrives to the digitizer, the signal to be recorded will be recorded
  • Data integrity: confidence that the recorded data will be correctly retrieved from the digitizer memory
  • Fail-safe operation


Multichannel systems containing Keysight Acqiris digitizers or TDC's can be easily controlled using the turnkey multichannel acquisition software AcqirisMAQS.

This powerful PC oscilloscope software was designed and developed specifically for control and monitoring of advanced data acquisition systems with many channels, and is ideal for single-shot/event applications in hydrodynamics, particle and nuclear physics. It allows remote Ethernet operation of multiple systems at various networked locations.

With three different licence levels AcqirisMAQS is scalable to the complexity of the system.

  • A single-station Master licence creates both client and instrument server in one controlling PC, and allows the control a single acquisition system with tens to hundreds of data acquisition channels.
  • Master and monitoring licences use the remote control module to allow client-server control and monitoring of multiple data acquisition systems from multiple locations simultaneously, and to access test systems located at dispersed sites. One licence is required for each server-client pair.
  • The multi-station, single-shot master and monitoring licence provides the full functionality of the AcqirisMAQS software, including data security, that can be installed on unlimited clients and servers at the licenced site.
  • Discover modular multichannel data acquisition systems configurable as PC oscilloscope
  • Synchronize hundreds of channels in a modular Keysight data acquisition system