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Key Features & Specifications

  • Transportable - Converts a SystemVue schematic into license-free C++ source code with optional XML wrapper, for easy user modification, compilation, and re-use in other applications, even on Linux
  • Automatic - packages generated C++ source code as a Microsoft Visual Studio project, immediately available for import back into SystemVue using SystemVue’s unique “Modelbuilder” interface, for verification against the latest communications standards and test equipment
  • Versatile - Creates a high-quality vendor-neutral starting point for embedded processor architectures, high-level synthesis tools, and functional verification


SystemVue ESL Design SoftwareThe SystemVue W1718EP C++ code generator generates transportable, license-free C++ models from the SystemVue interface, enabling you to connect your PHY algorithms to design, implementation, and verification tools on other platforms and operating systems. Building on top of the unique “modelbuilder” interface of the W1461 SystemVue platform, the W1718 also completes a full IP lifecycle for algorithm modeling, verification, and export.

Watch a tutorial video about the W1718:

Why should I buy the W1718?

The W1718 C++ code generator connects SystemVue’s baseband algorithm capabilities to many established signal processing and hardware design flows. At the highest level, the SystemVue platform enables a top-down a system-level approach that connects to both Baseband & RF implementation flows. At a lower level on the baseband side, the W1718 C++ code generator specifically enables the software side of that design flow. Unlike code generation products in other platforms, the W1718 completes an RF- and Comms-aware IP lifecycle, for structured, RF/Baseband model-based design, all the way from algorithm to test & measurement equipment.

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 is tightly integrated into SystemVue, allowing coordinated line-by-line debugging, live re-compilation, and automated script execution. Troubleshoot baseband algorithms line-by-line alongside .m code, VHDL, RF EDA models, Test waveforms, and standards-based IP references.

W1718 Design Flow


The W1718 C++ code generator is used to connect SystemVue to a wide variety of tasks and external applications, such as:

- Accelerated algorithm development for military and commercial wireless applications

- Adding high-performance RF & comms functional models to other EDA systems

- Rapid and transportable verification, including test vector generation

- Create libraries of proprietary signal processing blocks

- IP integration into other software engineering platforms (not limited to the examples below)

  • Create complex modulated sources and receivers for use in Advanced Design System (ADS) 2009 Update 1
  • Link to Spectra CX from PrismTech, which enables SCA-compliant packaging of SystemVue PHY algorithms for military software-designed radios. (SystemVue’s XML output streamlines this integration.) Watch a demonstration on Rapid Prototyping of SCA-Compliant Waveforms for SDR. 
  • Pre-requisite for the SystemVue W1714 AMI Modeling Kit, which generates transportable IBIS-AMI high-speed SerDes models for use in industry-standard SI channel simulators. Download the Technical Kit for W1714 AMI Modeling Kit.


  • W1718 C++ Code generator can be added to any SystemVue environment
  • Export of compiled standalone Win32 .DLL and ADS Ptolemy models is included free with the base SystemVue platform (W1461). When compiled models are exported, they require a SystemVue license (.DLL) or ADS Ptolemy license to run.
  • Code generated by the W1718 reveals the full hierarchical C++ source code. The output of the W1718 does not require a software license to run.
  • The W1718 does not generate C++ code for optional SystemVue baseband verification libraries, or other add-on libraries. For W1910 LTE BVL source code, please purchase the W1912 LTE BEL.
  • The W1718 is required for the new W1714 AMI Modeling Kit.
  • The W1718 is included in the W1465 SystemVue System Architect bundle.

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