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Key Features & Specifications


  • Quickly detect and automatically geolocate interfering signals of short or long duration to prevent degradation of, or interference with, legitimate wireless services, in conjunction with Signal Surveyor 4D
  • Signal classification and recognition in accordance with ITU-R Recommendation SM.1600


  • Powerful geolocation using a network of N6841A RF sensors
  • Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA), Relative Signal Strength (RSS) and unique adaptive hybrid techniques
  • Supports deployments in indoor, rural, suburban or dense urban monitoring environments from 10 meters to 10’s of kilometers
  • Export results to Geographical Information Systems such as Google Earth®


In an environment where the need for Spectrum is very high, signals are more complex with wider bandwidths and RF traffic is increasing dramatically, ensuring the spectrum is clear of unwanted emitters means providing better quality of service for network operators.

N6854A Geolocation softwarelicense, in conjunction with Signal Surveyor 4D and a network of N6841A RF Sensors, helps to quickly detect, identify, locate and remove “rogue” emitters.

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