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N7700A Photonic Application Suite

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The N7700A Photonic Application Suite is a collection of advanced and basic software tools for making optical measurements, controlling fiberoptic instruments, and analyzing measurement results. Many components are free and some can be licensed.

  • N7700A Package Manager: select, install and maintain N7700A software packages
  • Main Package: analyze results in a powerful Viewer, save results in viewable format
  • IL Engine: measure IL vs. wavelength with a tunable laser and power meters
  • Fast Spectral Loss Engine: calibrate and adjust devices at repetition rates up to 10x faster than the IL engine
  • IL&PDL Engine: measure IL and PDL vs. wavelength with the advanced single-sweep Mueller method
  • New: version 1.5 adds extensive support for measuring optical detectors and receiver devices to the IL&PDL Engine
  • Polarization Navigator: use N778x polarization analysis and control instruments
  • Optical Modulation Analyzer software
  • Drivers, firmware, documents, N77xx Viewer: keep equipment and guides up to date

For details, please see the N7700A Brochure, linked above.

It’s easy to try it out and get started with your own uses. Start by downloading and installing the small setup program for the Package Manager, which will support installation of the desired software packages. You can also request evaluation licenses, if needed, from this link:

Download Photonic Application Suite and/or Evaluation License File

For easy installation on computers or instruments without internet access, please see the the FAQ in the Technical Support section.