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Instrument Migration and Planning Services

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The benefits of updating your test applications frequently outweigh the costs of switching. However, understanding the benefits, options and costs is challenging. Keysight consultants are available to help.

Keysight Instrument Migration Planning Services (IMPS) provides consultation from Keysight experts to help determine your optimal migration strategy. IMPS consultants can asses:

  • Best solutions to protect against future obsolescence
  • Comparable instruments available for migration
  • Code compatibility options for new and existing instruments
  • Cost of ownership analysis
  • Available software coding, fixturing, re-manufacturing support and services
  • Financing and trade-in options

Keysight Applications Engineering Organization (AEO) can provide new product training, pre-sales support, demo of new solutions, and code compatibility support.

For more information, please contact Duane Lowenstein at 978.681.2199