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Key Features & Specifications

  • Low capacity loading, enables insight without influencing the monitored signals
  • The probe amplifier is outside of the probe tip, ensuring the probe tip size is kept to a minimum to address space restraints and also thermal concerns
  • The probe can be used with single lane or multilane bus configurations
  • Both Tx and Rx lines can be probed with a single N5346A flying lead set.
  • Keysight provides a unique probe portfolio for DigRF bus standards, including the Soft touch probe and Flying leads probe


The DigRF Flying Leads probe makes it possible to access DigRF links with no integrated connectors, at rates up to 3Gb/s. With very low capacity loading, the probe enables you to monitor the DigRF protocol in space constraint designs, without influencing the monitored signals.

Compatible with:


  • N5344A DigRF Analyzer module