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Prices for: South Africa

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Key Features & Specifications

Firmware options included

  • Advanced baseband generation capability (Option EFP)
  • Fading with SISO channel models (Option QFP)
  • Calibrated AWGN (Option JFP)

Hardware options included

  • 10 DSP blocks on 5 baseband cards (Option 620)
  • 6 I/O ports - 6 analog I/Q out and 6 digital I/O on 3 I/O cards (Option 636)


Properly configured PXB for 2x4 MIMO testing

Option 2B4 includes the required hardware and firmware options for 2x4 MIMO receiver testing. Option 2B4 enables internal baseband generation with real-time fading and RF fading with input from PXA/MXA/EXA signal analyzers.

Typical application

Test 2x4 MIMO receiver designs more quickly, more accurately, and earlier in the design process with the PXB, and significantly reduce development cycle time.

This option cannot be added as a product upgrade – only available at time of purchase.