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Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

N5106A PXB baseband generator and channel emulator

  • R-51B-001-Z Return to Keysight Warranty - 3 years
  • N5106A-632 2 I/O ports - 2 analog I/Q out and 2 digital I/O on 1 I/O card
  • N5106A-EFP Baseband generation, fixed perpetual license
  • N5106A-FFP Signal capture, fixed perpetual license
  • N5106A-JFP Calibrated AWGN, fixed perpetual license
  • N5106A-QFP Fading with SISO channel models, fixed perpetual license
  • N5106A-TFP LTE channel models, fixed perpetual license
  • N5106A-612 2 DSP blocks on 1 baseband card
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Key Features & Specifications

Baseband performance

  • Up to 160 MHz modulation and signal capture bandwidth
  • 512 Msa playback and signal capture memory per channel
  • Up to 6 BBGs and 16 faders for interference, diversity and MIMO test

Standards compliant signal creation

  • Run Signal Studio software on the PXB in a familiar Windows environment
  • LTE, HSPA, W-CDMA, GSM/EDGE, TD-SCDMA, Mobile WiMAX™, WLAN, digital video, GPS, GLONASS, and DC-HSPA with 8960 (E5515C) wireless communication test set
  • Real-time uplink LTE FDD and LTE TDD signal creation for 3GPP eNB receiver verification tests
  • Connect with SystemVue software or play back your own MATLAB waveforms

Advanced channel emulation

Comprehensive channel correlation settings

  • Select standard-based channel models or modify them for the latest wireless formats
  • Calculate correlation coefficients based on antenna setup
  • Input correlation coefficients into custom correlation matrix
  • LTE channel models for MIMO OTA test including SCME Urban Micro-Cell, Macro-Cell, and WINNER II


Minimize design uncertainty with the most flexibility to test beyond standard requirements

The PXB lets you customize test cases and validate designs under real-world conditions with the broadest range of test parameters. Create fully parameterized signals for established and evolving standards with Keysight Signal Studio. In addition, the PXB lets you model the signal-propagation environment with fully parameterized real-time channel emulation (fading). With the largest playback memory available, you can run longer test sequences to better approximate real-world signals. You can also capture signals up to 512 Msa from your own device for post-processing.

Reduce the time, cost and complexity of system setup and calibration

With less instrumentation to manage, the N5106A PXB simplifies test setup. You need only one box for multi-format baseband generation, real-time fading and signal capture. With it, you can construct over 20 configurations to meet your test needs. These configurations, along with external instrument connections, can be redefined in seconds using the PXB user interface. The PXB eliminates the time-consuming work of combining cables, splitters and power meters to connect and calibrate instruments. Plus signal routing, summing, sync and calibration are all managed seamlessly inside the PXB.

Maximize the value of your investment through higher instrument utilization and easy upgrades

The N5106A PXB supports multiple functions, future technologies, frequent use and easy upgrades. You can leverage one multipurpose diagnostic toolset across the R&D lifecycle: design, integration, verification and pre-conformance.

To extend the longevity of your test equipment, the PXB features license-key upgrades to add new capabilities and signal formats, and quick on-site upgrades to add hardware for higher-order configurations. Plus you can use your existing RF signal generators and analyzers or add them incrementally to your setup, then redeploy them when they’re no longer needed.

The table below contains options and bundles created for your convenience.

Options Description
2B2 2x2 MIMO bundle
2B4 2x4 MIMO bundle
4B2 4x2 MIMO bundle
185 Global navigation satellite system application bundle
186 Digital video application bundle

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