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Configuración Típica  

Configuración Típica

W1464BP SystemVue RF Architect Perpetual bundle license

  • R-35B-001-A Node-locked license
  • R-36B-001-L 12 months upgrades and support - node-locked


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SystemVue ESL Design SoftwareThe W1464 SystemVue RF System Architect dramatically cuts design time and verification effort for System Architects and Algorithm Developers doing communications system architectures at the physical layer (PHY). The W1464 is a product bundle that adds the W1719 RF System Design Kit to the base environment, W1461 SystemVue Comms Architect. By adding a dedicated RF system architecture personality, designers can account more accurately for RF interactions with Baseband DSP algorithms, and achieve more aggressive system partitioning and higher overall performance.

The W1464 supports baseband modeling in graphical blocks, MATLAB Script models, C++, and co-simulation with VHDL/Verilog simulators. The W1464 also accepts RF X-parameter models (from Advanced Design System) and Fast Circuit Envelope (FCE) models (from GoldenGate), providing fast, bottom-up verification at the system-level after implementation. Combined with connection to the latest test equipment, SystemVue enables a cross-domain, “model-based design” flow from concept to hardware validation.

What’s new in SystemVue 2015.01?

  • AM-AM and AM-PM modeling, especially important for satellite, mobility, and constant-envelope modulation formats
  • Budget analysis for RF modulated measurements, such as EVM, ACPR, BER

Who should buy the W1464?

  • System architects and C++/MATLAB modelers who need the greater RF modeling fidelity from a real RF simulator
  • RF system architects who need to account for standards, modulation, MATLAB algorithms
  • Reserachers doing proposals and academic studies of wide bandwidth formats such as 4G/5G, radar, and satellite.

Partition, then unify Baseband and RF

The W1464 SystemVue RF System Architect is an excellent environment for modeling joint Baseband-RF architectures, then verifying them as they progress. It gives Baseband and RF teams a common framework to exchange work-in-progress. Additional detail about the capabilities of the W1464 bundle can be found on the individual pages describing the W1461 and W1719.

The W1464 includes RF modulation effects inside the RF system architecture tool

Figure 1. The W1464 includes RF modulation effects inside the RF system architecture tool, allowing wideband comms designers to identify sources of errors, such as nonlinearity, phase noise, and filter flatness.
SystemVue W1719 RF System Design Kit

Figure 2. The W1719 RF System Design Kit provides deeper RF insights and RF design connectivity to baseband alogirhtm developers and system-level architects.

Video Tutorials

Here are several helpful tutorials and demonstrations to help you quickly learn about the W1719 RF System Design Kit, within the W1464 bundle:


W1464BP SystemVue RF System Architect Flow

Figure 3. The W1464 SystemVue RF System Architect combines Baseband algorithms with RF system architectures for a more realistic view of overall system performance.

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What is included with SystemVue RF System Architect?

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