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  • N2099A-H10 PXI Synthesizer N2099A PXI Synthesizer [Discontinued] 

    N2099A PXI Synthesizer [Discontinued]

    The N2099A Synthesizer is a 2-slot module that covers a 2 GHz tuning range and is available at two center frequencies 5.25 GHz and 10.5 GHz.

  • Agilent N2101B PXIT 10.7 Gb/s BERT N2101B PXIT Bit Error Ratio Tester [Discontinued] 

    N2101B PXIT Bit Error Ratio Tester [Discontinued]

    • Single instrument 3-slot wide PXI card containing pattern generation with error detection
    • Bit error display over time
    • Easily combined with DCA, Synthesizer, Pattern Generator or multiple BERT modules
    • Automatic clock data align
    • Jitter Bathtub display

  • Agilent N2102B PXIT 11.1 Gb/s Pattern Generator N2102B PXIT Pattern Generator [Discontinued] 

    N2102B PXIT Pattern Generator [Discontinued]

    • 2-slot module generating a number of low jitter patterns at rates up to 10.3125 Gb/s.
    • Enables complete coverage from 622 Mb/s to 10.3125 Gb/s
    • Improved jitter & transition times.

  • 86100 DCA Wideband Sampling Oscilloscopes 

    86100 DCA Wideband Sampling Oscilloscopes

    • DC to >90 GHz wideband sampling scopes
    • 2 mainframes, 48 available modules and accessories
    • The industry standard for analysis of optical communication signals
    • Modular platform allows optical electrical, TDR/TDT and S-parameter measurements

  • no image available Oscilloscopes 


    • 20 MHz to 90 GHz
    • Real-time (DSO and MSO) and sampling oscilloscopes
    • Handheld, portable and bench top models
    • Largest selection of oscilloscope application software
    • Wide-variety of oscilloscope probing solutions

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