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Key Features & Specifications

  • Smart Post Processing
  • ER Correction Factor
  • Eye diagram, mask, and jitter testing in a single instrument
  • Giving Cost effective architecture with High throughput measurement engine
  • Small form-factor 4-slot PXI module allowing multiple instruments to be deployed in a single chassis
  • Ideal for manufacturing environments
  • Wide optical bandwidth coverage from 780 nm to 1620 nm with Single ended electrical input
  • Integral clock recovery for measurements up to 2.7 Gb/s


The N2100B PXIT DCA implements a coherent patented vector under-sampling technique which combines the benefits and measurement capabilities of a real time scope with the bandwidth of a sampling scope. The N2100B performs accurate eye diagram analysis to characterize the quality of transmitters from 155 Mb/s to 10.3125 Gb/s.