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4082F Flash Memory Cell Parametric Test System

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Key Features & Specifications

Basic features

  • The basic features are the same as the 4082A

Advanced features

  • Includes a semiconductor pulse generator unit (SPGU)
  • SPGU mainframe accepts up to five high-voltage SPGUs (HV-SPGUs) for Flash memory cell evaluation
  • Other advanced features are the same as the 4082A

Measurement capabilities

  • The same measurement capabilities as the 4082A
  • HV-SPGU can supply +/-40 V output (80 V peak-to-peak) at high-impedance
  • HV-SPGU has pulse rise and fall times as fast as 20 ns
  • HV-SPGU has three-level output pulse capability


  • The software capabilities are the same as the 4082A


In addition to the parametric test capabilities of the 4082A, the Keysight 4082F provides a semiconductor pulse generator unit (SPGU) mainframe and a high-voltage SPGU (HV-SPGU) module for Flash memory cell testing. The 4082F HV-SPGU provides 80 V peak-to-peak output, 20 ns rise and fall times, and tri-level output capability to meet the most demanding Flash memory cell testing needs.


The 4082F HV-SPGUs can create three-level pulse outputs with +/ 40V output levels.

An efficient and complete parametric test solution requires exceptional software in addition to superior hardware. To meet these requirements, the 4082F has a versatile system software environment that is compatible with several Parametric Test Software solutions, including Keysight SPECS and Keysight SPECS-FA test shells.