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Typically Configured Price CA$ 26,074

Typical Configuration

N1930B Physical Layer Test System Software

  • N1930B-1FP PLTS Base Analysis Fixed License
  • N1930B-3FP PLTS Measurement and Calibration Fixed License
  • R1287A 90 day media replacement warranty

Typically Configured Price CA$ 26,074


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Key Features & Specifications

  • Support new hardware including 16-channel 8-picosecond TDR
  • Custom characterization report based on MS Word document building blocks
  • Automatic Fixture Removal (AFR) algorithm enhancements


NEW PLTS 2016 with industry leading features

The new N1055A 50 GHz 4 Port TDR/TDT remote sampling head can be configured with the 86100D DCA-X to create a 16-channel 8-picosecond TDR test system. This industry leading TDR system is now controllable with PLTS 2016.

Physical Layer Test System (PLTS) 2016 software is a powerful signal integrity tool for today’s high-speed digital designers. There are so many signal integrity tools for design, analysis and troubleshooting of high-speed interconnect that it’s difficult to manage them all. The Keysight PLTS design team has created version 2016 to integrate new tools for a substantial boost in productivity and help solve real world problems for today’s signal integrity engineers. New hardware platforms continue to expand the family of Physical Layer Test Systems available to high speed digital design engineers.

Signal integrity engineering is a demanding discipline and requires the latest measurement analysis tools available. Keysight frequently works with customers to include new features to address improvements. One such customer driven feature is custom characterization reports. This new feature allows you to create test report templates in a standardized MS Word document format. PLTS 2016 defines a set of “building blocks” that are assembled into a document template to generate reports based on different measurements. All multi-domain measurements, graphics, tables and pictures in PLTS can be formatted in endless configurations easily with these familiar Word document tools

Lastly, the PLTS 2016 powerful Automatic Fixture Removal (AFR) de-embedding algorithm continues to improve with worldwide acceptance in the signal integrity community. AFR has become the defacto standard for S-parameter error correction when no test fixture models are available. This novel AFR technology has evolved further in PLTS 2016 to include some additional gating parameters to improve causality of final device under test (DUT) S-parameters for use in measurement and modeling correlation.

PNA Series Firmware, Upgrades, and Support

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