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ESA-E Option BAC cdmaOne Measurement Personality, Fixed Perpetual License

Product Status: To Be Discontinued
Order Before: 1 December 2015
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Key Features & Specifications

  • Adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR)
  • Channel power and receive channel power
  • Modulation accuracy (rho)
  • Code domain power
  • In-band and out-of-band spurious measurements
  • Harmonics
  • Occupied bandwidth


The last date to order is 30-Nov-2015. Orders must be booked by 30-Nov-2015.
Replacement products:  
   N9064A VXA Vector Signal Analysis Measurement Application
  •  W9069A VXA Vector Signal Analysis Measurement Application for CXA

The Keysight ESA-E series spectrum analyzers provide best-in-class general purpose spectrum analysis with built-in, one button, standards compliant, cdmaOne measurement capability, including adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR), in a mid-priced portable rugged package. This provides enhanced capability to meet your performance goals accurately, easily, and quickly in the most demanding environmental conditions.

The cdmaOne measurement personality is software that resides in the ESA-E series spectrum analyzer providing specialized features that perform measurements and calculations required to test the cdmaOne standard specifications at the press of a single button. CdmaOne supported standards include IS-95A, IS-97A, IS-98A, J-STD-008, J-STD-018, J-STD-019, ARIB STD-53, TIA/EIA-95B/C, TIA/EIA-97B/C and TIA/EIA-98B/C US. Supported tuning plans include US Cellular, US PCS, Korean Cellular, Korean PCS and Japan Cellular.

Features in the cdmaOne measurement personality include color enhanced pass/fail messages with editable limits, automatic signal level detection, and standards based channel tuning and band selection. The ESA can be programmed for automated test through remote control measurements, parameters and limits with SCPI programming language. If results need to be captured they can be stored directly on the analyzer, to a floppy disk or directly to a PC with Intuilink software.

This option can be added as a product upgrade.