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PSA Option BAF, 210 W-CDMA Measurement Personality, Fixed Perpetual License

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Key Features & Specifications

Common in W-CDMA

  • Composite EVM and peak code domain error over 15 slots with speed improvement for 3GPP release 6.
  • Synchronize with open loop transmit diversity antennas with new sync types of TSTD SCH1 and TSTD SCH2 for both code domain and mod accuracy.
  • Enhance robustness for adaptive modulation & coding (AMC), discontinuous transmission (DTX) and compressed mode.


  • Code domain analysis for HSDPA (pre-defined test model 5, 16QAM/QPSK detection for HS-PDSCH, demodulated bits in binary/hexadecimal format, and HS-DPCCH power beta).
  • Modulation accuracy with auto detection of HS-PDSCH in 16QAM.


  • Uplink E-DPDCH in spreading factor 2 can be demodulated in code domain and mod accuracy (composite EVM).
  • Uplink power beta calculation based on DPCH/E-DPCH configuration defined in 3GPP release 6.
  • Downlink E-HICH, E-RGCH, and E-AGCH can be demodulated with OOK (On-Off Keying).


The complexity of 3GPP demands the flexibility and depth of modulation analysis capability provided by the W-CDMA measurement personality (Option BAF) and HSDPA/HSUPA (high speed downlink packet access / high speed uplink packet access) measurement personality (Option 210), available in the PSA Series spectrum analyzers.

The PSA Series offers spectrum analysis with world-class accuracy and dynamic range plus optional measurement personalities for performing wireless format power and modulation measurements.

The W-CDMA measurement personality offers one-button power measurements and modulation analysis to help you quickly and easily test your W-CDMA base stations and user equipment. Option 210 adds the capabilities of HSDPA and HSUPA modulation analysis over W-CDMA to Option BAF for 3GPP Release 5. HSUPA uplink signals can also be analyzed with Option 210.

Functions common in W-CDMA also include:

  • Uplink power beta calculation based on DPCH/E-DPCH configuration defined in 3GPP release 6
  • Uplink slot format auto detection in code domain, mod accuracy and UE slot phase (UE phase discontinuity)
  • Custom predefined channels for active channel identification in code domain, mod accuracy, and UE slot phase (UE phase discontinuity)
  • Capture and playback with stored date sharing between code domain and mod accuracy for in-depth analysis
  • Maximum output power and total power dynamic range (channel power)
  • CPICH power accuracy (code domain)
  • Power control steps and dynamic range (symbol power versus time)
  • Occupied bandwidth (OBW)
  • Spectrum emissions mask (SEM)
  • Adjacent channel leakage power ratio (ACLR)
  • Spurious emissions (category A and B)
  • Power control (PRACH power, slot power and UE slot phase)
  • Power statistics CCDF

This option can be added as a product upgrade.

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