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11758V Digital Radio Test System

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The Keysight 11758V combines several popular Keysight instruments into one portable system. This combination provides you with an all-in-one portable system that is ideal for the installation and maintenance of microwave radios, and is especially suitable for work in rugged terrain or remote areas. The Keysight 11758V can be configured to have all your necessary measurement functions available during radio installation and maintenance. The spectrum analyzer can even control other GPIB instruments to automate measurements for quicker and more reliable results.

  • Performs installation and maintenance measurements
  • Portable, rugged construction and easy to use
  • An economical way to add high-performance, group delay measurements to your spectrum analyzer
  • Group delay and amplitude flatness measurement option
  • Ideal for digital radio, satellite and cable testing
  • Spectrum Analysis: 50 kHz to 22 GHz (26 GHz optional)
  • Swept Source: 300 kHz to 2.9 GHz (options to 24 GHz)
  • Group Delay and Amplitude Flatness: 300 kHz to RF source maximum frequency (option 201)
  • Multipath Signature Test Set: 40 MHz to 90 MHz (options to 190 MHz)
  • Power Meter: 10 MHz to 18 GHz (options to 26 GHz)