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6800B Series Performance AC Sources/Analyzers

Meet your AC test needs with a complete AC power solution
  • Accurately analyze your AC power environment with integrated waveform generation and harmonic capabilities
  • Increase your productivity with extensive built-in power measurement capabilities
  • Lower your cost of ownership with global support & the longest standard warranty in the industry


Compare Products

Product Maximum Output Power Maximum rms Current Connectivity Maximum Frequency Typical Price*
6811B Performance AC Power Source, 375 VA, 300 V, 3.25 A
375 VA 3.25 A
  • GPIB
1 kHz
6812B Performance AC Power Source, 750 VA, 300 V, 6.5 A
750 VA 6.5 A
  • GPIB
1 kHz
6813B Performance AC Power Source, 1750 VA, 300 V, 13 A
1750 VA 13 A
  • GPIB
1 kHz

Accessories for this Series

 6800B Series Performance AC Sources/Analyzers Accessories
6800B Series Performance AC Sources/Analyzers Accessories
Improve the ease of rack-mounting the AC source with the following accessories:
  • 1CM003A
  • 1CP002A

* Prices for: United Kingdom. Prices are subject to change without notice. For pricing or a quote, you can also call 0800 0260637.