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  • 6063B 250 Watt DC Electronic Load

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Power Products October 2015 - Selection Guide
This selection guide will help you select the right DC power supply for your application (for example, basic power supply, specialized requirements or more complex requirements).

Brochure 2015-10-09

Declaration of Conformity
Search Keysight Regulatory database for the most recent Declaration of Conformity statement for your product.

Reference Guide 2014-08-01

Power Products Catalog
Solutions to match your new test and measurement challenges... Choose from over 300 models of power supplies, electronic loads and AC sources with confidence... Because Keysight knows how to make power products.

Catalog 2014-04-01

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6060B and 6063B Series Single-Input Electronic Load 250 to 300W Data Sheet
This data sheet contains specifications, general characteristics, and other related information for the Keysight 6060B and 6063B single-input 250 to 300 W electronic loads.

Data Sheet 2012-03-23

10 Practical Tips You Need to Know about Your Power Products - Application Note
Learn ten simple ways to improve your testing capabilities with your power supplies and electronic loads.

Application Note 2007-09-21

6060B/3B Single Input Electronic Loads Operating Manual
The attached downloadable 6060B/3B Single Input Electronic Loads Operating Manual is for use with Keysight model and serial numbers: Model 6060B: 3119A-00101 and Above Model 6063B: 3117A-00101 and Above

Operation Manual 2004-09-01

How to capture, save, and reproduce arbitrary waveforms
This 6-page application note provides techniques for capturing, saving and reproducing current waveforms and profiles.

Application Note 2003-11-21

6060B/6063B Single Input Electronic Loads Operating Manual
6060B/6063B Single Input Electronic Loads Operating Manual

User Manual 2002-05-17

Battery Testing (AN 372-2)
This Application Note shows how an electronic load can be used to discharge batteries of various chemistries to determine actual capacity, capacity retention and impedance.

Application Note 2002-02-22

Power Supply Testing (AN 372-1)
An electronic load offers a broad range of operating modes, providing versatile loading configurations needed for characterizing and verifying DC power supply design specifications.

Application Note 2002-02-22

Zero Volt Electronic Load
Increasing demand for lower voltage power supplies is pressuring test system designers to identify electronic load test equipment designed to adequately perform at these lower voltages. In this Product Note read about how to configure Keysight DC Electronic Loads, with option J04, to perform...

Application Note 2001-06-07

Cable Impedance and Structural Return Loss Measurement Methodologies
introduces exact definitions for cable impedance and structural return loss along with several measurement methodologies.

Application Note 2001-03-23

Pulsed Characterization of Power Semiconductors Using Electronic Loads (AN 1246)
This Application Note explains how Electronic loads improve power semiconductor measurements by eliminating the self-heating problems associated with measuring the on-state voltage drop and transconductance or current gain of power semiconductors.

Application Note 2000-09-01

605xA/606xB/6050xB Electronic Load Programming Manual
Use HPSL commnads to remotely control your Keysight eclectronic load from a controller.

Programming and Syntax Guide 2000-04-01

6060B/6063B DC Electronic Loads Service Manual
This manual contains information for troubleshooting and repairing the 6060B and 6063B Electronic Load to the component level, replaceable parts lists and circuit diagrams, and verification procedures.

Service Manual 2000-02-01

10 Hints for Using Your Power Supply to Decrease Test Time - Application Note
Learn how to get the most from your power products by reading this 12-page booklet. When you're trying to boost throughput in time-critical production test systems, a small change in the way you operate or program a supply can have a surprising impact on test speeds. Specifically, the booklet...

Application Note 1999-10-12