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Diode Evaluation Using the B2900A Series of SMUs - Application Note
This application note shows how the Keysight B2900A Series Precision SMU allows you to accurately and easily measure the basic IV parameters and characteristics of diodes.

Notes d’application 2015-12-02

E8257D/67D & E8663D PSG Signal Generators User's Guide
This user guide provides information related to front panel operation of the E8257D, E8267D, and E8663D PSG signal generators. It also includes front and rear panel connector descriptions.

Manuel de l'utilisateur 2015-12-01

PSG/ESG Signal Generator Firmware Upgrade Guide
This firmware upgrade guide describes how to perform firmware upgrades on the following signal generators: E82x7C PSG, E824xA and E825xA PSG, E44x8C ESG, and E44xxB ESG models.

Manuel de l'utilisateur 2015-12-01

PSG Signal Generator Security Features and Document of Volatility
This document describes instrument memory types and security features. It provides a statement regarding the volatility of all memory types, and specifies the steps required to declassify an instrument through memory clearing, sanitization, or removal.

Manuel de l'utilisateur 2015-12-01

E8257D/67D & E8663D PSG Signal Generators, Key Reference
This key reference describes all hardkeys and softkeys available to the E8257D, E8267D, and E8663D PSG signal generators.

Guide de références 2015-12-01

N7601B Signal Studio for cdma2000/1xEV-DO - Technical Overview
Create Keysight validated and performance optimized reference signals compliant to IS-95A, cdma2000 and 1xEV-DO Rev. A and Rev. 0 for UE and BTS component testing and receiver conformance testing.

Présentation technique 2015-11-30

N7612B Signal Studio for TD-SCDMA/HSDPA - Technical Overview
Create TD-SCDMA/HSDPA signals with N7612B Signal Studio for TD-SCDMA/HSDPA.

Présentation technique 2015-11-26

Optoelectronic IC/Component Evaluation - Application Brief
This 2-page application brief describes "Quick Bench-top Evaluation" of an optoelectronic component (optocoupler) and shows real measurement results made by B2900A series.

Notes d’application 2015-11-24

Trueform Waveform Generation Technology - Technical Overview
This technical overview is a patented technology found in Keysight's new 33500B Series waveform generators. Trueform provides sizable advantages over direct digital synthesis (DDS).

Présentation technique 2015-11-20

B2901A/02A/11A/12A Precision Source/Measure Unit (SMU) - Product Fact Sheet
The B2900A Series Precision Source/Measure unit is the best solution for a broad range of IV measurements. It has innovative GUI for quickly evaluating the input/output characteristics of DUTs.

Brochure 2015-11-19

Wide Range of Resistance Measurement Solutions from μΩ to PΩ - Application Brief
This application brief summarizes Keysight's resistance measurement solution. The detailed information can be seen 5992-1212EN application note.

Notes d’application 2015-11-18

Wide Range of Resistance Measurement Solutions from µΩ to PΩ - Application Note
This application note introduces keysight's resistance measurement solution, and discuss major error factors in resistance measurements and how to eliminate those error factors.

Notes d’application 2015-11-17

667xA Series Single-Output 2000 W GPIB Power Supplies Data Sheet
This data sheet contains specifications, general characteristics, and other related information for the Keysight 6671A, 6672A, 6673A, 6674A, and 6675A DC power supplies, and all the 6670A Series special option power supplies.

Fiche signalétique 2015-11-16

Quickly Validate Designs for DOCSIS 3.1 Compliance - Application Brief
This “DOCSIS 3.1 Test Solution" app brief gives insight into Keysight solutions that can be used for testing DOCSIS 3.1 transmitters, receivers and components.

Notes d’application 2015-11-14

Precision Device Characterization Solution Using the B2900A Series - Application Brief
This 2-page application brief introduces the precision device characterization solution using the B2900A precision source/measure unit.

Notes d’application 2015-11-11

33500B Series Waveform Generators - Data Sheet
This data sheet discusses 33500B Series waveform generators with exclusive Trueform signal generation technology. 33500 Series models and upgrade paths include: 33509B (1 channel) and 33510B.

Fiche signalétique 2015-11-10

M8196A Arbitrary Waveform Generator ECOC Video 2015
Even at highest data rates, the M8196A arbitrary waveform generator reaches outstanding signal quality. This video demonstrates this for 56 GBaud PAM-4 & 16-QAM and 32GBaud 64-QAM signals.

Démonstration de base 2015-11-09

N7600B Signal Studio for W-CDMA/HSPA+ - Technical Overview
Signal Studio's performance-optimized reference signals for W-CDMA, HPSA, HSPA+ are validated by Keysight to enhance the characterization and verification of your devices.

Présentation technique 2015-10-31

A Source/Measurement Unit Based Teaching Lab Solution Package for MEMS Technologies - Brochure
This 2-page introduces the Keysight B2902A/12A Source/Measure Unit based Teaching Lab Solution Package for MEMS Technologies.

Brochure 2015-10-30

Quick Start Guide for E5260/E5270 Series
A step-by-step guide to understand an overview of the E5260 series and the E5270B Precision IV analyzer and setup files used in it.

Guide de démarrage rapide 2015-10-30

Sourcing Precise Current/Voltage Sinusoidal Waveforms Using the B2961A/62A - Demo Guide
This B2960A demo guide shows how to demonstrate a sinusoidal waveform sourcing using the B2961A/62A step by step via an example.

Démonstration de base 2015-10-27

Download application notes on optical communication test
Get application notes on the latest developments in coherent test signal generation and analysis.

Notes d’application 2015-10-27

Keysight Technologies Introduces MIPI® Receiver Test Software for PHY-Layer Standards
New Software Enables Automated Testing According to Conformance Test Suite for MIPI C-PHY 1.0 Standard

Dossier de presse 2015-10-26

N7602B Signal Studio for GSM/EDGE/Evo - Technical Overview
This document provides a technical overview of Signal Studio's performance optimized reference signals for GSM, EDGE and EDGE Evolution.

Présentation technique 2015-10-23

A Cost-effective Way to Test Sub 1-GHz Wireless Modules - Application Note
This app note describes a Keysight low cost RF test solution that addresses the sub 1-GHz wireless test needs.

Notes d’application 2015-10-22

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