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Keysight Measurement Framework (KMF) KS9000

Simplify your Test Software Development

The KS9000 Keysight Measurement Framework (KMF) 2017 software provides an easy to use software framework for rapid test solution development using Microsoft’s Visual Studio .NET environment. With KMF you can develop high-performance, scalable test measurement solutions which take full advantage of parallel processing multi-core CPUs for fastest measurement processing and testing speeds. KMF provides core framework libraries, Visual Studio developer tools, and measurement processing plugins that deliver trusted Keysight measurement algorithms in a componentized .dll form.

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Keysight Measurement Framework (KMF) - Software Download
  • KMF components optimized for fast measurement speed
  • Reduce cost by purchasing only the measurements you need
  • Trusted results based on algorithms used in X-Series Measurement Apps
  • Use with development environments that support .NET components
Current Version: 1.8

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