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Spectrum Monitoring Software

The N6841A RF Sensor is designed to supply data for multiple software packages and applications. The N6820ES “Surveyor 4D” software operates exclusively with the Keysight N6841A RF Sensor providing a highly affordable and portable tool for RF professionals. It brings speed and automation to monitoring tasks and is ideally suited for interference detection, identification, location, and reporting. The platform also supports Snapshot Radio and Vector Signal Analyzer software.

  • N6820ES Signal Surveyor 4D N6820ES Signal Surveyor 4D 

    N6820ES Signal Surveyor 4D

    • Quick, automated RF search facilities to survey, isolate and identify signals of interest
    • Fast and accurate Geolocation of target RF emitters

  • N6829BS Snapshot Radio Software N6829BS Snapshot Radio Software 

    N6829BS Snapshot Radio Software

    • Works with Signal Surveyor 4D and 89600 VSA to identify content of signals of interest
    • Sort and play back saved I/Q files

  • N6854A RF Geolocation Server Software N6854A RF Geolocation Server Software 

    N6854A RF Geolocation Server Software

    Used in conjunction with Signal Surveyor 4D and an array of N6841A RF sensors to quickly detect and locate the position of RF emitters in real time.

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