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cPCI/PCI Products

Analog-to-digital converters

Keysight provides you the latest ADC technology and knowledge to support your project development. However, the previous form factors are still available in the following versions:

  • PCI digitizers have been designed in a large number of applications requiring high speed data converters. The PCI family is gradually replaced with the PCIe form factor which adds faster data throughput and increases overall performances.
  • cPCI instrumentation has become an integral part of advanced experimental systems in laboratories around the world. As a replacement to the digitizers in cPCI format, Keysight recommends the AXIe platform where high number of channels is required (multichannel systems), and the PCIe platform where smaller footprint is a must.
  • VME data converter modules allows signal recording as well as signal replay. Typical applications include: software defined radio, signal repetition and data streaming. Ask us for replacement possibilities.

Time-to-digital converters

These instruments are ideal for applications where high timing resolution (to 5 picosecond) and precision are required. Versions include single-shot event recording, and multi-hit TDCs for streaming of timing data rates of up to 1 MS/S.

Control Software

Multichannel systems containing Keysight Acqiris digitizers or TDCs can be easily controlled using the turnkey multichannel acquisition software.

Typical OEM applications include medical imaging, data storage, environmental monitoring, physics and hydrodynamics.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to request more information or ask a product expert for the best and most cost-effective solution.

You can also stay in touch with the evolution of high-speed digitizer technology and applications on our blog or follow us on Twitter .

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  • cPCI/PCI Products
    • U1051A Acqiris Six-channel CompactPCI Time-to-Digital Converter [Discontinued]

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MD1 Soft Front Panel Help System - Help File
(Save file to computer before use) Help system for the MD1 Soft Front Panel (SFP). LabVIEW driver for MD1 digitizers. Includes detailed API documentation of all driver functions.

Help File 2015-10-15

Simplify Complex High-speed Multichannel Acquisition Systems in Big Physics Experiments-Application
This application note overview describes the use of Keysight modular products for high-speed multichannel acquisition systems in big physics experiments.

Application Note 2015-05-28

Acqiris Time-to-Digital Converters User's Manual
For Use with TC Series Time-to-Digital Converters

User Manual 2012-07-01

U1051A Time to Digital Converter
Application Note - Absolute Time Recovery

Application Note 2012-07-01

Research Papers: Academic publications on use of Keysight high-speed digitizers
Summary of scientific papers which provide a wide range of data on where and how Keysight high-speed digitizers are used in the advanced research experiments.

Selection Guide 2012-06-11

Keysight Acqiris Instruments Programmer’s Reference Manual
Programmer’s Reference Manual: Keysight Acqiris Instruments

Programming and Syntax Guide 2012-04-01

cPCI Time to Digital Converters, Security Features and Certificate of Volatility

User Manual 2011-06-01

U1051A Press Releases

Press Materials 2009-04-27

Acqiris U1051A Configuration Guide
This configuration guide explains how to configure the product: number of channels, front-end option, input connector types, memory options, etc.

Configuration Guide 2008-11-27

U1051A Acqiris TC890 Time-to-Digital Converter
Document describing the features of the U1051A 6-channel, multi-stop time-to-digital converter (TDC) with multi-start acquisition mode and 50 ps timing resolution.

Technical Overview 2008-05-19