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PXI Chassis and Controllers

Keysight’s PXI chassis and controllers form the basis of a high-performance, PXI-based test system.

Keysight PXIe Chassis

Select the chassis that meets the needs of your application. The M9018A provides Gen 2 performance for most applications, while the M9019A provides Gen 3 performance for your most demanding applications. Both chassis provide 16 Hybrid slots and an innovative cooling design that saves rack space and has lower maintenance costs.

Keysight Embedded Controller and Cable I/O solutions

Keysight provides both flexibility and performance while giving you the choice between controller options. Select an embedded controller when you need a compact solution or want a direct connect to the PXIe backplane. Choose from multiple options for connecting the latest computer hardware to a chassis. Available solutions range from a base-level x8 Gen 2 cable link and to a high-performance x16 Gen 3 cable link. The M9023A and M9024A PXIe system modules also provide options for connecting multiple chassis together using a high-performance, x8 Gen 3 daisy-chain link. For the highest level of performance in multi-chassis systems, you can use multiple M9049A host adapters in a star configuration.

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Y1270A Front Panel Interfacing Kit for M9018A PXIe Chassis - Configuration Guide
This configuration guide provides the options available for the Y1270A Front Panel Interfacing Kit for the M9018A PXIe 18-slot chassis

Configuration Guide 2015-08-14