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PXI Chassis and Controllers

Keysight’s PXI chassis and controllers form the basis of a high-performance, PXI-based test system.

Keysight 18-slot PXIe Chassis

Select Keysight’s 18-slot chassis when you require high-performance and configurability. This mainframe has unparalleled performance and flexibility including Gen 2 performance, 16 PXI Hybrid slots, x8 links to peripheral slots and an innovative cooling design that saves rack space and has lower maintenance costs. The PXIe system slot has a number of configurations, including two x8 links and four x4 links, to ensure optimal performance with most PXIe controllers, embedded or external.

Keysight Embedded Controller and Cable I/O solutions

Keysight provides both flexibility and performance while giving you the choice between controller options. Select an embedded controller when you need a compact solution or want a direct connect to the PXIe backplane. Choose the x8 PCIe cable interface for connecting the latest computer hardware to a chassis. If a connection to a lap top is required, select the ExpressCard interface.

  • M9018A PXIe 18-Slot Chassis M9018A PXIe 18-Slot Chassis 

    M9018A PXIe 18-Slot Chassis

    • 18-slot chassis with Gen 2 performance, 16 PXIe Hybrid slots, 1 PXIe timing slot, and 1 PXIe system slot
    • 4U chassis with innovative cooling design
    • High data bandwidth (maximum 8 GB/s to system slot and 4 GB/s slot-to-slot)

  • M9021A PCIe Cable Interface M9021A PCIe Cable Interface 

    M9021A PCIe Cable Interface

    M9021A is used with the M9018A PXIe Chassis and provides a Gen 2, x8 PCIe cable link to an external system controller.

  • M9045B PCIe ExpressCard Adapter M9045B PCIe ExpressCard Adapter 

    M9045B PCIe ExpressCard Adapter

    M9045B is used to connect an M9502A/M9505A AXIe chassis or M9018A PXIe Chassis with M9021A cable interface to a laptop computer

  • M9048A PCIe Desktop Adapter M9048A PCIe Desktop Adapter 

    M9048A PCIe Desktop Adapter

    The M9048A is a PCIe interface card for computers with x8 and x16 PCIe expansion slots. It can connect the M9018A, M9502A, and M9505A chassis to external computers

  • M9036A PXIe Embedded Controller M9036A PXIe Embedded Controller 

    M9036A PXIe Embedded Controller

    • Intel i5-520E 2.4 GHz processor
    • 160 GB solid state drive
    • 4 GB with up to 8 GB RAM Memory

  • M9037A PXIe High Performance Embedded Controller M9037A PXIe High Performance Embedded Controller 

    M9037A PXIe High Performance Embedded Controller

    • Intel i7-4700EQ 2.4 GHz processor
    • Front removable 240 GB solid state drive
    • Up to 16 GB RAM Memory