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PCIe Digitizers and Related Product

The Keysight high-speed digitizers product line in PCI Express (PCIe) gradually replace the previous PCI and cPCI form factors and covers a wide range of specifications and capabilities:

  • 100 MS/s to 8 GS/s on one or more channels, high bandwidths
  • Multiple resolutions
  • Flexible acquisition memory at various resolutions
  • Fast data throughput
  • On-board real-time signal processing using FPGA

Our products can be tuned to meet the highest measurement needs in commercial, industrial, physics, aerospace and defense applications.

High-speed digitizers as OEM components

If you plan to design-in high speed data converters as OEM components into your own products, Keysight provides you the latest ADC technology and knowledge to support your project development. Typical OEM applications include medical imaging, non-destructive testing, data storage and semi-conductor testing, environmental monitoring and radar.

Your application requirements are clear? Select which digitizer is right for you here: Select and compare Modules

Don’t hesitate to contact us to request more information or ask a product expert for the best and most cost-effective solution.

You can also stay in touch with the evolution of high-speed digitizer technology and applications on our blog or follow us on Twitter .

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