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PCI/PCIe/cPCI/VME Digitizers

The Keysight Acqiris high-speed digitizers product line in PCI, PCI Express® (PCIe™), CompactPCI® (cPCI), and VME form factors covers a wide range of specifications and capabilities:

  • 100 MS/s to 8 GS/s on one or more channels
  • Vertical resolution of 8, 10, 12 or 14 bits
  • Bandwidths of up to 3 GHz
  • Flexible acquisition memory
  • Fast data throughput
  • On-board real-time signal processing using FPGA
  • From single to multi-channels solutions
  • Include both analog-to-digital (ADC) and digital-to-analog converters (DAC) functionalities

Therefore, our products can be tuned to meet the highest measurement needs in commercial, industrial, physics, aerospace and defense applications.

Your application requirements are clear? Select which digitizer is right for you here: Select and compare Modules

Keysight Core technology

Keysight-proprietary technologies—and knowhow—are at the core. These unique elements include data-converter chipsets, analog front-end technology and digital data-handling devices. Together, these application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC), with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies, provide three key advantages:

  •    Give an easy access to low-power, high-fidelity data acquisition
  • Ensure maximum data throughput to the host processor
  • Reduce measurement time and cost


High-speed digitizers as OEM components

If you plan to design-in high speed data converters as OEM components into your own products, Keysight provides you the latest ADC technology and knowledge to support your project development. Typical OEM applications include medical imaging, non-destructive testing, data storage and semi-conductor testing, environmental monitoring and radar.

Multichannel systems

In laboratories around the world, Keysight cPCI instrumentation has become an integral part of advanced experimental systems, whether for system control or experiment observation.

cPCI digitizers and TDC’s provide channel density that is designed for use in multichannel systems. By integrating multiple units into one desktop or rackmount chassis it is possible to create a complete data acquisition system with up to 80 synchronized digitizer acquisition channels or 240 TDC channels in one chassis. Typical multichannel system applications include for example plasma and nuclear physics.

Choose the right high-speed digitizer for your application: Discover our Data converter selection guide

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Data Converter Product - Selection Guide
The guide presents the Acqiris family of cards and modules currently available.

Technical Overview 2014-07-15

Signal generation enables cost-effective testing

Application Note 2014-04-07

MD1 Soft Front Panel Help System - Help File
(Save file to computer before use) Help system for the MD1 Soft Front Panel (SFP). LabVIEW driver for MD1 digitizers. Includes detailed API documentation of all driver functions.

Help File 2014-01-08

Using high-speed digitizers for Test and Measurement applications

Application Note 2013-05-07

Using high-speed digitizers for Embedded OEM applications

Application Note 2013-05-07

High-speed ADC chipsets benefit from optimized components

Application Note 2013-05-07

FPGA-based averaging can improve measurement results

Application Note 2013-05-07

PC oscilloscope systems leverage turnkey acquisition software

Application Note 2013-05-07

Data acquisition can be easily synchronized across multiple channels

Application Note 2013-05-07

High-speed ADC chipsets set the pace in real-time monitoring and control

Application Note 2013-04-16

High-speed digitizer modules capture details from single-shot events

Application Note 2013-04-16

Signal processing can reduce data bandwidth through peak detection

Application Note 2013-04-16

High-speed digitizer selection depends on more than banner specifications

Application Note 2013-03-13

U10xx Series Digitizers Startup Guide
Startup Guide for the U10xx series of Keysight Acqiris Products. Provides information on unpacking, inspecting, installation (software and hardware), making instrument connections and verifying operation.

Quick Start Guide 2012-11-27

AgMD1 LabVIEW Driver Help System
Help system for the Soft Front Panel (SFP) for MD1 series digitizers. Includes product introduction, tour of the SFP UI, and how-to procedures, and troubleshooting. (Extract this zipped file to a local drive.)

Help File 2012-11-13

AgMD1 IVI Driver Help System
Help system for the IVI driver for MD1 digitizers. Includes detailed API documentation of all driver functions. (Extract this zipped file to a local drive.)

Help File 2012-09-28

Research Papers: Academic publications on use of Keysight high-speed digitizers
Summary of scientific papers which provide a wide range of data on where and how Keysight high-speed digitizers are used in the advanced research experiments.

Selection Guide 2012-06-11

Keysight Acqiris 8-bit Digitizers User's Manual
For use with U106xA, U1071A, U1084A & U1091A (DP and DC series) digitizers.

User Manual 2012-05-01

Keysight Acqiris Instruments Programmer’s Reference Manual
Programmer’s Reference Manual: Keysight Acqiris Instruments

Programming and Syntax Guide 2012-04-01

Keysight Acqiris Instruments Programmer’s Guide
Programmer’s Guide: Keysight Acqiris Instruments

Programming and Syntax Guide 2012-04-01

Mettez le génie au travail
To support the needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Keysight offer a range of hardware products, software elements and, for specific customer needs, development services.

Brochure 2011-03-11

Discover the Alternatives in Automated Measurements and Testing - Brochure
Discover the Alternatives in Automated Measurements and Testing

Brochure 2010-08-17

U1069A Acqiris High Speed PCI Digitizer

Technical Overview 2008-07-07

A New Measurement of the Half-Life of the Superallowed -decay of 26mAl
This short article reprint was prepared by Rebecca Scott from the University of Melbourne. It discusses the use of Agilent Acqiris digitizers for digital signal processing in nuclear physics.

Article 2008-05-20