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AXIe Products

The AXIe is an open standard, that leverages from existing standards from ATCA, PXI, LXI and IVI, with high performance per rack inch and added features including timing, triggering, and module-to-module data movement features that are important to the implementation of high-performance test and measurement systems.

AXIe is an ideal complement to the LXI and PXI standards. It includes PCIe and LAN interfaces, so that AXIe instruments can act like virtual PXI or LXI instruments.

The AXIe product portfolio includes mainframes and controller, as well as new modules that offer leading performance in their categories: High-Performance BERTS, High-Speed Digitizers, High-Analysis modules, Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG), Chassis & Controllers.

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U4421A MIPI® D-PHY™ Protocol Exerciser/Analyzer - Data Sheet
Use the U4421A MIPI D-PHY Interface Analyzer and Stimulus Module to easily debug and integrate MIPI D-PHY CSI-2 or DSI interfaces and gain insight from real-time video streaming to bit level output.

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Keysight press release at ECOC, Valencia, September 2015
Keysight press release at ECOC, Valencia, September 2015

Dossier de presse 2015-09-17

Keysight press release on introduction of new arbitrary waveform generator M8196A, September 2015
Keysight press release on introduction of new arbitrary waveform generator M8196A, September 2015

Dossier de presse 2015-09-17

M8196A 92 GSa/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator - Data Sheet
The Keysight M8196A is the Arbitrary Waveform Generator with the highest sample rate and the widest bandwidth on up to 4 synchronized channels - simultaneously on one module.

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Keysight Technologies to Show New Test and Measurement Solutions at ECOC 2015
Keysight's new solutions are intended to enable the development of next-generation networks used for the generation and analysis of coherent optical modulated signals. These solutions will address new modulations techniques such as PAM-4, the characterization of electrical and optical transceivers, and component test.

Dossier de presse 2015-09-16

Multi-Channel Antenna Calibration Reference Solution - Configuration Guide
This configuration guide provides information about hardware and software configurations and options for the Multi-Channel Antenna Calibration, Reference Solution.

Guide de configuration 2015-09-08

81195A Optical Modulation Generator Software - Data Sheet
The Optical Modulation Generator Software 81195A works in conjunction with the M8195A AWG to generate 32 GBaud dual-I/Q signals and synthesize optical signal properties.

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Unprecedented speed, resolution and channel density - Poster
Poster (70 x 100 cm) highlights the use of the M9709A/M9703A AXIe high-speed digitizers sold by Keysight for physics applications

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N5990A Test Automation Software Platform - Data Sheet
An efficient test strategy is a proven competitive advantage. Keysight's N5990A Test Automation Software Platform is a key element of winning strategies.

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U4421A MIPI D-PHY Protocol Analyzer and Exerciser Hardware and Probing Guide
This guide describes the stimulus and acquisition probing options available for use with the U4421A module. It describes how to make probing connections from the device under test (DUT) to the U4421A module for various probing situations.

Guide de références 2015-08-26

Logic and Protocol Analyzer Online Help Files (Version 06.10)
These are the online help files that come with the Keysight Logic and Protocol Analyzer application software.

Fichier d'aide 2015-08-24

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Logic and Protocol Analyzer Online Help - PDF Version (Version 06.10)
These are PDF versions of the Windows HTML Help files that come with the Keysight Logic and Protocol Analyzer application software.

Fichier d'aide 2015-08-24

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PCI Express® Design and Test from Electrical to Protocol - Brochure
This brochure provides insight into how to thoroughly simulate, characterize and validate PCI Express Designs.

Brochure 2015-08-17

W4630A Series DDR4 BGA Interposers
Learn more about the W4630A Series of DDR4 BGA interposers and how they can help you with your memory testing.

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MOV MOV 12.45 MB
Quickly Validate Designs for DOCSIS 3.1 Compliance - Application Brief
This “DOCSIS 3.1 Test Solution" app brief gives insight into Keysight solutions that can be used for testing DOCSIS 3.1 transmitters, receivers and components.

Notes d’application 2015-08-14

Extended Service Period Solutions Model Numbers - Selection Guide
Keysight Extended Service Period Program allows calibration and servicing of thousands of products that have ended their traditional service life.

Brochure 2015-08-12

J-BERT N4903B High-Performance Serial BERT - Data Sheet
This is a data sheet discussing the Keysight Technologies J-BERT N4903B High-Performance Serial BERT.

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Logic and Protocol Analyzer User Guide
This guide provides information on how to set up, configure, and use the Keysight Logic Analyzers to capture and analyze data. It provides detailed information on how to use the Keysight Logic and Protocol Analyzer software.

Manuel de l'utilisateur 2015-08-05

PDF PDF 11.86 MB
Getting Started with Keysight M8070A Plug-ins
This document describes how to install, uninstall, update and launch the plug-ins through the M8070A system software.

Guide de démarrage rapide 2015-08-05

J-BERT M8020A High-Performance BERT - Data Sheet, Version 2.5
J-BERT M8020A enables fast and accurate receiver characterization of single and multi-lane devices operating up to 16 or 32 Gb/s. M8020A is the first product of the new M8000 Series..

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100Gb Ethernet Optical and Electrical Stressed Receiver Test
Learn about 100Gb Ethernet optical and electrical stressed receiver eye testing. From the set up revolving around the J-BERT M8020A M8000 J-BERT, 81600B tunable Laser and 81600D digital communication analyzer. Keysight offers industry leading signal performance as well as the repeatability that customers are looking for in this industry.

Démonstration de base 2015-08-05

Keysight J-BERT M8020A High-Performance BERT – Programming Guide
This guide provides detailed information on (remote) programming the Keysight J-BERT M8020A High-Performance BERT, including SCPI Command Language & Reference, including Programming Basics & Examples.

Guide de programmation et de syntaxe 2015-08-01

Keysight J-BERT M8020A High-Performance BERT – User Guide
The Keysight J-BERT M8020A high-performance BERT enables fast, accurate receiver characterization of single-and multi-lane devices running up to 16 or 32 Gb/s. With today’s highest level of integration, the M8020A streamlines your test setup.

Manuel d'exploitation 2015-08-01

PDF PDF 13.28 MB
M9502A/M9505A Firmware Revision Guide
Details the process to update the firmware on the M9502A and M9505A AXIe chassis.

Manuel de l'utilisateur 2015-07-28

U4154B 4 Gb/s State Mode Logic Analyzer Module - Data Sheet
The Keysight U4154B 4 Gb/s state mode logic analyzer system enables you to quickly and confidently validate and debug high speed digital designs operating at speeds up to 4 Gb/s.

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