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ESA-L Series Portable Spectrum Analyzer

The ESA-L spectrum analyzers are basic, low cost analyzers with minimal options. They are reliable analyzers and offer cable TV specific options along with 75 ohm or 50 ohm tacking generators, or 75 ohm input.

The customers who have loved the ESA-L for years, or are considering it for a first time purchase will benefit from the newer analyzers in Keysight’s portfolio below.

  • X-Series signal analyzers offer the fastest speed, widest variety of options including 89600 vector signal analysis software and is available starting with the low cost CXA N9000A
  • For side by side comparison of the ESA-L and CXA X-Series signal analyzer, visit
  • For portable, field testing needs consider the N9340B
  • For the lowest entry into spectrum analysis consider the N9320B

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