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X-Series Signal Analyzer

The X-Series is an evolutionary approach to signal analysis that spans instrumentation, measurements and software. It gives you the flexibility to satisfy your business and technical requirements across multiple products and programs.

Analyze signals you’ve never seen before:

  • High-performance real-time to low-cost, with frequency coverage up to 50 GHz (325 GHz and beyond with external mixing) and 160 MHz analysis bandwidth
  • Broadest set of measurement applications to cover changing test needs
  • Upgradeable features and functions—processor, memory, connectivity and more—to extend instrument longevity
  • 100% code-compatibility and identical operation to achieve measurement integrity across your organization

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  • 89600 VSA and WLA Software 

    89600 VSA and WLA Software

    • Comprehensive demodulation & vector signal analysis
    • Decode & verify MAC, RLC & RRC-layer messages across multiple radio frames
    • Cellular, wireless connectivity, aerospace, defense, general-purpose

  • IntuiLink Connectivity Software IntuiLink Connectivity Software 

    IntuiLink Connectivity Software

    • Free connectivity software utility for bench instruments
    • Add measurement tools bars in Word and Excel and use to transfer instrument setups, measurement data, and images
    • Easily save and retrieve instrument settings to simplify set-up

  • X-Series Measurement Applications for X-Series Signal Analyzers 

    X-Series Measurement Applications for X-Series Signal Analyzers

    • Measurement applications for X-Series signal analyzers
    • Order with new instrument or upgrade an existing instrument
    • Run measurement applications inside the analyzer
    • Run MATLAB software inside analyzer
    • Run 89600 VSA software inside analyzer

  • PowerSuite PowerSuite One-Button Measurements 

    PowerSuite One-Button Measurements

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    Oscilloscope Probes

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    • Single-ended active probes
    • Differential active probes
    • Current probes

  • no image available 347 Noise Source Family 

    347 Noise Source Family

    This series of broadband noise sources has been designed to cover high frequency waveguide measurement applications

  • no image available 346 Noise Source Family 

    346 Noise Source Family

    This series of broadband noise sources has been designed to cover the majority of measurement applications with a range of frequencies, Excess Noise Ratio (ENR) and coaxial connector types.

  • no image available RF & Microwave Test Accessories 

    RF & Microwave Test Accessories

    • Switches, mxiers, attenuators, adapters and more
    • High quality

  • Smart Harmonic Mixers 

    Smart Harmonic Mixers

    • Waveguide harmonic mixers (smart mixers)
    • 50 to 110 GHz
    • Automatic amplitude correction and adjustment
    • Automatic LO alignment at start up

  • no image available SNS Series Noise Sources 

    SNS Series Noise Sources

    Works in conjunction with the NFA Series of noise figure analyzers to simplify measurement set-up and improve accuracy and reliability, automatically downloading electronically stored calibration data


  • Spectrum Analyzers - Accessories Spectrum Analyzers - Accessories 

    Spectrum Analyzers - Accessories

    Mixers, pre-amplifiers, limiters, blocking capacitors, power sources, transformers, and probes for your spectrum analyzer.

X-Series Signal Analyzers [Discontinued]

  • Includes products: N9010A Options CPU, HDD, MSE. N9010AK Option ALL. N9020A Options CPU, HDD, MSE. N9020AK Options 13M, 308, 313, 326, 813, 826, ALL. N9030A Option HDD.

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