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EasyEXPERT software and Desktop EasyEXPERT software

Efficient and repeatable device characterization in every R&D phases from exploration to automation

Keysight EasyEXPERT, resident GUI-based software running on the B1500A/B1505A’s embedded Windows 7 platform, supports efficient and repeatable device characterization ranging from interactive manual measurements all the way up to test automation across a wafer in conjunction with a semiautomatic wafer prober. In case of B1505A, some of full-automatic high power probers are also supported. With hundreds of ready-to-use measurements (application tests) furnished at no charge, EasyEXPERT makes it easy to perform complex device characterization immediately. The EasyEXPERT GUI can be accessed using the B1500A/B1505A’s 15-inch touch screen, as well as through an optional USB keyboard and mouse. EasyEXPERT also allows you the option of storing test condition and measurement data automatically after each measurement in unique workspaces, ensuring that valuable information is not lost and that measurements can be repeated at a later date. Finally, EasyEXPERT has built-in analysis capabilities and a graphical programming environment that facilitate the development of complex testing algorithms.

Desktop EasyEXPERT provides the same capability, look and feel of EasyEXPERT software on a standalone PC. Desktop EasyEXPERT supports all aspects of device characterization as well as EasyEXPERT and it also provides a unified measurement environment for the B1500A, B1505A, 4155B/C (Semiconductor parameter analyzer) and 4156B/C (Precision semiconductor parameter analyzer). In online mode it can control these instruments and coordinate test automation in conjunction with a semiautomatic wafer prober. In case of B1505A, some of full-automatic high power probers are also supported, as well. In offline mode it can be used to develop new application tests and to analyze data. This maximizes your efficiency and permits you to use your parametric instruments in their primary role of making measurements.


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