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Spectrum Monitoring and Interference System

Administrations across the world are taking extraordinary steps to satisfy the high demand for Spectrum. Signal structures are ever more complex and closely packed into a shrinking spectral landscape. Finding and maintaining “Clear” Spectrum has a direct impact on revenue for service providers and using traditional tools and methods to manage it are no longer effective.

Designed for outdoor operation, the N6841A is an IP67-rated wideband RF Sensor with a frequency range of 20 MHz to 6 GHz and a processing bandwidth of 20 MHz. This allows the sensor to be sited in close proximity to the area being monitored for extended periods. With integrated GPS receiver, it operates alone or synchronously with other RF Sensors to perform spectrum monitoring and TDOA geolocation measurements. It can be deployed in fixed, temporary or mobile platforms. Since the N6841A can provide both FFT and IQ recordings, it can support signal analysis, classification, demodulation and decoding functions.

The N6841A is designed to supply data for multiple software packages and applications. The N6820ES “Surveyor 4D”software operates exclusively with the Keysight N6841A RF Sensor providing a highly affordable and portable tool for RF professionals. It brings speed and automation to monitoring tasks and is ideally suited for interference detection, identification, location, and reporting. The platform also supports Snapshot Radio and Vector Signal Analyzer software.

  • N6841A RF Sensor N6841A RF Sensor 

    N6841A RF Sensor

    The Keysight N6841A RF Sensor is an extremely cost effective device housed in a weatherproof enclosure that can be remotely deployed to provide close-proximity signal monitoring and detection.

  • N6850A Broadband Omnidirectional Antenna N6850A Broadband Omnidirectional Antenna 

    N6850A Broadband Omnidirectional Antenna

    • 20 MHz to 6 GHz
    • 17 inches long
    • Uniform radiation patterns