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Keysight’s software offering covers a wide variety of applications that help you maximize the value of your instrument, gain insight into your design, and save time during test. Keysight experts are involved in industry standards committees which ensure early access to the newest testing standards – and those yet to be released. From circuit design, through validation and characterization of your DUT, to creating your own programs and testing your products, Keysight’s software, combined with our instruments will help you get the job done. To see for yourself, try a free trial available for many of our software products.

  • Our industry leading electronic design automation (EDA) software is specifically targeted for communications product design using design flows built on our device modeling, electro-thermal, electromagnetic, circuit and system design and simulation tools.
  • Software applications allow you to accelerate your speed-to-market, save time by getting it right – right out of the box, and maximize the value of your instrument. PC-based applications provide data viewing, analysis and characterization and extensive testing capability.
  • Programming environments include graphical programming, sequencing and analysis packages for easier automation.
  • Utility software includes instrument control software for easy connection to the PC, tools to control and send/receive data to/from your instruments, license management software to optimize your assets, instrument drivers, and calibration software all in one place.

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