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Moving from a myriad of alternatives to one clear decision goes faster with fingertip access to the deepest know-how. We’ve captured it for you in Keysight software: it’s our version of downloadable expertise. From first simulation through first customer shipment, we deliver the tools your team needs to accelerate from data to information to actionable insight. We’ve got you covered, from proven performers like ADS and VSA, to the next wave. Achieve your next insight: it’s a download away.

  • Industry leading electronic design automation (EDA) software accelerates the development of RF, microwave and high-speed digital designs
  • Embedded and standalone software applications enable deeper insights in measurement and analysis
  • Powerful utilities save time and effort from simple connection to programmatic control
  • Programming environments include graphical programming, sequencing and analysis

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  • Electronic Design Automation Software Electronic Design Automation Software 

    Electronic Design Automation Software

    • Leading supplier of EDA software for communications product design
    • RF & MW, high-speed, device modeling, power electronics, and DSP design tools
    • Design flows for device modeling, electro-thermal, EM, circuit & system design and simulation tools

  • Application Software Application Software 

    Application Software

    • Add features & capabilities to instruments 
    • Troubleshoot and characterize designs and verify compliance to industry standards 
    • PC-based SW packages for data viewing, analysis and characterization 
    • Extensive testing packages

  • Programming Environment Software Programming Environment Software 

    Programming Environment Software

    • Graphical test & measurement software for measurement and analysis
    • Flexible test executive for electronics manufacturing functional test applications
    • Custom analysis applications, create & generate waveforms

  • Productivity Software Productivity Software 

    Productivity Software

    • Connect and control instruments with simple to use software
    • Single and multi-instrument control and sequencing
    • Install, transport and manage licensing
    • Calibration and adjustment capability