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Keysight digitizers or analog-to-digital converters count 3 different families

  • The high-speed digitizers family provides up to 14-bit of vertical resolution, 8 GSa/s and 3 GHz of bandwidth with optional on-board real-time processing. It includes data converters in PCI/PCIe, PXI, cPCI, VME and AXIe standard form factors, configurable in single to multichannel solutions. These digitizers are mainly used in OEM (medical imaging, lidar, mass spectrometry), embedded aerospace/defense, RF/microwave testing and high-energy physics applications.
  • High resolution LXI digitizers provide mid-range sample rates (20 MSa/s) that complement instruments in test systems such as DMMs, function generators, switch systems and counters. They are mainly used in automotive, aerospace/defense and electronic test applications.
  • The U2500A Series USB Modular Simultaneous Sampling Multifunction Data Acquisition family consists of 3 modules with up to 4 Analog Input channels, up to 16-bit resolution and 2MSa/s/ch sampling rates. The U2500A Series is ideal for applications that require sampling rates per channel for transient signal analysis or simultaneous acquisition of data for phase sensitive applications.

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