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4080 Series of Parametric Test Systems


Existing and new wafer fabs face ever-greater parametric testing challenges. Out of necessity, parametric test has expanded beyond pure DC measurement and now spans a variety of different measurement types, including parallel test, Flash cell write/erase testing. Anticipating these needs, Keysight has developed the versatile and flexible 4080 parametric test platform.

  • Advanced test platform boosts performance with ultra-fast CPU
    The newly-designed 4080 platform incorporates a more powerful CPU and other architecture improvements that can boost the throughput of transferred 4070 plans by 10 to 20 percent without any program modifications. This reduces test times and saves you money.
  • Virtual Multiple Testhead Technology offers dramatic throughput improvements
    All 4080 Series testers running SPECS support both synchronous and asynchronous parallel test using Keysight’s Virtual Multiple Testhead Technology. Using this technique in conjunction with the appropriate test element group (TEG) design, it is possible to get throughput improvements of up to 50% over conventional serial techniques.
  • Flexible configuration minimizes costs
    4080 Series testers are available in two versions: standard low-current and ultra-low current, allowing you to select the most cost-effective configuration for each 4080 Series tester that you purchase.
  • High-speed capacitance measurement reduces test times
    4080 Series testers all support an optional high-speed capacitance measurement unit (HS-CMU) that is integrated into the test head electronics.
  • HV-SPGU supports testing of next-generation Flash memory cell processes
    The 4082F and 4083A both support a Semiconductor Pulse Generator Unit (SPGU) mainframe and high-voltage SPGU (HV-SPGU) modules that permit testing of advanced Flash memory cell technologies.
  • Conformance to SEMI standards facilitates test automation
    SPECS-FA, the factory automation version of Keysight’s SPECS test shell, runs on all models of the 4080 Series tester family. SPECS-FA fully supports SEMI automation standards E5 (SECS II), E30 (GEM), E87 (CMS), E39 (OSS), E40 (PMS), E90 (STS), and E94 (CJM).
  • Linux OS improves supportability and lowers costs
    The Keysight 4080 Series system software and Keysight SPECS and SPECS-FA test shells use the Linux operating system. This saves money through the use of cheaper and more maintainable Linux-based system hardware.
    4082A   4082F
High speed capacitance measurement X X
Asynchronous and synchronous parallel test X X
High-frequency matrix / pulse switch option X X
Full compliance with SEMI factory automation standards X X
Support for low-cost Linux workstations X X
High-voltage semiconductor pulse generator units   X
  • 4082A Parametric Test System 4082A Parametric Test System 

    4082A Parametric Test System

    The Keysight 4082A is a high-throughput production parametric test system with advanced parallel testing capabilities, a high-speed capacitance measurement option, and full support for SEMI factory automation standards.

  • 4082F Flash Memory Cell Parametric Test System 4082F Flash Memory Cell Parametric Test System 

    4082F Flash Memory Cell Parametric Test System

    In addition to the parametric test capabilities of the 4082A, the Keysight 4082F supports high-voltage semiconductor pulse generator units (HV-SPGUs) for Flash memory cell testing.