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X-Series Signal Generator (MXG, EXG)

Crafted to create signals capable of testing your very best devices and designs, the X-Series signal generators offer industry-leading performance and low cost of ownership.

X-Series RF signal generators

The X-Series RF signal generators produce the signals you need—from simple to complex, from clean to dirty—to generate true performance. The pure and precise MXG RF vector and analog are fine-tuned for the highest levels of performance. The cost-effective EXG RF vector and analog provide essential signals. Frequency ranges extend from 9 kHz up to 6 GHz.

X-Series microwave signal generators

As you pursue mission success, Keysight can help you generate trusted performance. Our microwave signal generators reliably deliver the signal purity, output power, and modulation to drive today’s most advanced measurement systems. Complementing the metrology-grade PSG, MXG and EXG microwave analog offer alternatives in size, speed, and cost. Frequency ranges extend to 40 GHz.

Scalable X-Series platform

A proven, scalable platform that allows you to buy the capabilities you need today and easily upgrade to meet future requirements. Combined with cost-effective calibration and internal diagnostics, X-Series signal generators lower your cost-of-ownership.

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N51xx MXG Signal Generator Products [Supprimé]
Includes products: N5161A, N5162A, N5181AEP, N5182A, N5183AEP

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