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Arbitrary Waveform Generators

Arbitrary Waveform Generators

Generate complex waveforms with the highest signal quality

A variety of complex applications require advanced signal generation capable of accurately simulating an operational environment. A suitable signal generator must enable the creation of long, complex signal scenarios—a capability found in some of today’s advanced wideband arbitrary waveform generators (AWGs).

Examples include the Keysight M9330A (PXI version) and N8241A (LXI version) AWGs, which can provide wide bandwidth and 15-bit resolution simultaneously. These signal generators can replace complex and costly custom systems that are typically capable of testing only a single type of device or system. AWG-based signal generation can also simplify the emulation of various operational scenarios during the development of radar systems, electronic warfare (EW) systems, satellite communications systems and more.

The M9330A and N8241A signal generators enable long scenarios with two techniques, “dynamic sequencing” and direct digital synthesis (DDS). With dynamic sequencing, signal segments can be strung together dynamically—and in any order—as the waveform is played back. DDS allows you to separate the slowly changing attributes of a scenario—carrier frequency, phase and timing—from the rapidly changing signal modulation.

  • 2 channels with 500 MHz bandwidth
  • 625 MS/s or 1.25 GSa/s sample clock
  • 250 MHz or 500 MHz bandwidth on both channels
  • 10- or 15 -bit resolution
  • 8 MS to 16 MS (optional) waveform memory
  • Advanced sequencing engine
  • DDS option
  • Dynamic Sequencing option
  • Function generation GUI option

Create complex scenarios using our latest technologies in signal generation

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