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8960 Series 10 Wireless Communications Test Set - Configuration Guide
This configuration guide for the E5515C (8960) Series 10 wireless communications test set outlines the functionality that can be achieved using a test set mainframe, mobile test applications, and lab applications

Guide de configuration 2015-10-09

E6701K GSM/GPRS and E6704A EGPRS Lab Applications - Technical Overview
This technical overview provides a brief overview and some specifications for the E6701I GSM/GPRS lab application and E6704A EGPRS lab application for the 8960 (E5515C/E) wireless communications test set.

Présentation technique 2015-01-06

E6703J W-CDMA/HSPA Lab Application - Technical Overview
This technical overview provides the technical specifications and highlights the key capabilities of the E6703J W-CDMA/HSPA lab application.

Présentation technique 2014-12-17

E5515CU Hardware Upgrade Sets - Brochure
This photocard provides high level information on the E5515CU-58B and E5515CU-58C hardware upgrade kits.

Brochure 2012-10-24

E6706E 1xEV-DO Lab Application - Technical Overview
This technical overview provides an overview of the key features, what is new, and specification information for the E6706E 1xEV-DO lab application.

Présentation technique 2012-03-05

High-Speed Data Throughput Test
Ensure a quality user experience by fully testing the packet data performance of your wireless device early in the design cycle. The 8960 offers the highest 2G/3G/3.5G data rates and real-world testing to find issues sooner and resolve them faster!

Dossier 2011-11-29

Real-World Battery Drain Analysis
Go beyond Talk Time Test! Test the battery life of your data device using realistic user scenarios to ensure real-world operation meets user expectations with the 8960, 14565B and IFT software.

Dossier 2010-08-30

E1987, E6785 Online User's Guide
The most current documentation for the Fast Switching application is this online version. Easy to use, no PDF downloads!

Manuel de l'utilisateur 2010-07-01

8960 Wireless Test Set Ensures the Success of Your Wireless Products - Brochure
The flexible solution for wireless device development, manufacturing, and repair

Brochure 2008-08-19