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Education Tool Kits

Keysight's Laboratory Kits include technology education materials and training equipment for labs, exercises, and demonstrations. These tools can be used as technology courses in RF or Lightwave or can be incorporated into existing training programs.

  • TDR Probe Kit TDR Probe Kit 

    TDR Probe Kit

    • Probing solution for TDR measurements
    • Full package with differential and single-ended probes

  • Lightwave Laboratory Kit Lightwave Laboratory Kit 

    Lightwave Laboratory Kit

    Training materials on Lightwave Communication Measurement Fundamentals and a CWDM Experiment box with transceivers, MUX, VOA, DeMUX, EDFA, and photo detector...

  • RF Laboratory Kit RF Laboratory Kit 

    RF Laboratory Kit

    Training materials on Network Analyzer Basics, Spectrum Analyzer Basics, and Laboratory Guide of practical measurements. RF devices for exercises include transmitter, receiver and their sub-circuits...