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ParBERT 81250

Modular BERT platform for accurate characterization of multi-port gigabit devices

Different module types for clock, data generation and data analysis for various data ranges allows tailoring the ParBERT 81250 System ideally to your needs. Whether you need a multi-port data generator, data analyzer or a complete BERT system with ParBERT 81250 you can configure the right solution with up to 64 output and input channels. It can be easily extended to fit future needs which help to protect your investment.

Automated test solutions comprise compliance test for standards like PCI Express, serial ATA or USB 2.0. On demand, the software products can also be customized to perfectly fit your individual test needs. To learn more about test automation, visit ParBERT Automated Compliance and Device Characterization Tests

A comprehensive measuring suite and delay line input on 13.5 / 7 / 3.35 Gb/s Data Generator Modules to inject jitter from an external source, allow in-depth insight into customers’ designs and devices.

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ParBERT 81250 Modules

  • 13.5 Gb/s
  • 7 Gb/s
  • 3.35 Gb/s
  • 675 Mb/s
  • Central Clock Modules for ParBERT 81250

(Please find further information on the different 81250 Modules in the product tabs below)

In combination with Keysight 86100 Infinium DCA-J these BERTs are the most comprehensive and accurate jitter tolerance and analysis solution available.

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