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Application-Specific Test Systems & Components

Ease system integration with Keysight System products and services. You can be sure you´re getting outstanding system-ready instruments, open software, and PC-standard I/O that give you the freedom to choose the best tools for your test, and the assurance that they´ll work together, every time.

  • Aerospace & Defense ATE Systems and Services Aerospace & Defense ATE Systems and Services 

    Aerospace & Defense ATE Systems and Services

    You can benefit from applying the expertise of the world leader in measurement science and test applications to your Automated Test Equipment (ATE) needs.

  • Automotive Electronics Functional Test Systems Automotive Electronics Functional Test Systems 

    Automotive Electronics Functional Test Systems

    Accelerate functional test deployment using Keysight's automotive functional ECM electronic test systems.

  • Lightwave Test Systems Lightwave Test Systems 

    Lightwave Test Systems

    Optimize optical networks using Keysight's optical amplifier test, passive component test, optical switch test and SONET-compliant jitter measurement.

  • USB Modular Products USB Modular Products 

    USB Modular Products

    USB-based small form factor and flexible test instruments consists of oscilloscopes, function generator, source measure unit, switch matrix and a series of data acquisition.

  • E8707A Radar Target Simulator E8707A Radar Target Simulator 

    E8707A Radar Target Simulator

    • Simulates automotive radar targets in the 76-77 GHz range
    • Scalable and configurable with full range of 10-450 m or two fixed ranges
    • Minimum physical distance of 1 m between simulator and DUT, saving floor space

  • General Purpose Functional Test Systems General Purpose Functional Test Systems 

    General Purpose Functional Test Systems

    Improve your cost-of-test and development time with flexible, scalable and plug & play system solutions

  • Passive Network Monitoring Systems Passive Network Monitoring Systems 

    Passive Network Monitoring Systems

    • Signal monitoring and Lawful Intercept systems
    • Geo-location systems for Public safety and Infrastructure protection
    • Multi-technology Survey including SONET, SDH, VCAT and OTN processing and collection

Test System Components & Software [Discontinued]
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