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ENA Series Network Analyzers, 5 Hz to 20 GHz

Drive down the cost of test

When you need to measure basic S-parameters, the right mix of speed and performance gives you an edge. On the production line, our ENAs provide the throughput, repeatability and reliability you need to create accurate, dependable test stations—and transform parts into competitive components. Every Keysight VNA is the ultimate expression of our expertise in linear and nonlinear device characterization. Add the ENA to your line—and drive down the cost of test.

Experience the new standard in RF component testing

The Keysight E5080A is the next-generation ENA, providing best-in-class performance, flexible functionality and advanced usability. With its intuitive, touch-based interface, the E5080A is designed to help users streamline their measurement flow and achieve better results in less time. This new instrument implements a converged platform that leverages the best attributes of the ENA and PNA families.  

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